The Coy C. Carpenter Society

Our generous new members in the Coy C. Carpenter Society and previous members who have recently increased their estate designated amount.

Fall 2018 Coy C. Carpenter Society Recognition List

  • Elms L. Allen, MD ’66, and Harriet C. Allen
  • Robert W. Hamill, MD ’68, and Donna G. Hamill
  • A. Ray Long
  • Godfrey P. Oakley Jr., MD ’65, and Mary Ann B. Oakley
  • John A. Oates Jr., MD ’56, and Meredith S. Oates
  • Sandra Maree Ouellette, CRNA ’69
  • Allston J. Stubbs III, MD, and Jean Olive Stubbs
  • Samuel P. Troy

In Memoriam

  • Thomas Reid Blackburn, MD ’65
  • Marvin D. Gentry
  • Marguerite Traverse Hendrix
  • Theodore A. Keith, MD ’67