The Coy C. Carpenter Society

Our generous new members in the Coy C. Carpenter Society and previous members who have recently increased their estate designated amount.

Fall 2019 Coy C. Carpenter Society Recognition List

  • Ellen Andrews, MD, HS
  • Marcia Pregnall Farrar, PA ‘75
  • Michael L. Johnson and Susan J. Johnson
  • Betty Bell Shils
  • H. Howell Taylor, Jr.

In Memoriam

  • William Carey Byrd, Jr., MD ‘50
  • C. Robert Clark, MD ’55, HS
  • Bee Gatling Gwynn, MD ‘60
  • William H. Haggard
  • Paul Holland
  • Edward B. Kissam, MD ’55, HS
  • Howard Wilton Mizell, Jr.
  • John A. Oates, Jr., MD ‘56
  • Betsy A. Parsley, MD ’69, HS
  • W. Ken Striker, MD ‘65
  • D. E. Ward, Jr., MD ’45, HS
  • James D. Yopp, Jr., MD ’66, HS

HS denotes house staff alumni who completed a residency or fellowship at Wake Forest Baptist Health