The Coy C. Carpenter Society

Here are the names of the generous new members in the Coy C. Carpenter Society and previous members who have recently increased their estate designated amount. Membership in the Coy C. Carpenter Society includes all benefactors who support Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist or Wake Forest University School of Medicine through a bequest, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, retirement plan beneficiary designation or other estate gift.

Coy C. Carpenter Society Spring 2023 Coy C. Carpenter Society Recognition List

  • Merle B. Andrews and Larry Andrews
  • Barry Darnell and Karen Darnell
  • C. Thomas Dover Jr., MD ’77, HS ’81
  • Gaynell T. Englebert
  • David B. Hatcher and Cynthia M. Hatcher
  • Jan L. Hutchins, RN ’74
  • Lema Sloan Jackson Charitable Trust
  • Thomas R. Scott, MD ’58, HS ’61
  • J. Herbert West, MD ’55
  • Thomas B. West, MD ’81, HS ’86 and Laura P. West, MD ’81, HS ’84

In Memoriam

  • Stanley P. Bohrer, MD
  • J. Thomas Bowman, MD ’77
  • Vardaman M. Buckalew Jr., MD
  • John W. Denham, MD ‘66, HS ‘72
  • Jerry L. Hester
  • J. LeRoy King, MD ‘58
  • David L. McCullough, MD ‘64
  • Janice C. Pitts
  • Altha S. Satterwhite, RN ‘42
  • Mary R. Scarantino
  • Ernest H. Stines, MD ‘57, HS ‘59
  • Beverly B. West
  • Joe C. White
  • Garland W. Yarborough, MD ‘75

HS denotes house staff alumni who completed a residency or fellowship at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist.