Our corporate partners are crucial to our mission of providing exemplary care for our patients, training the next generation of health care providers, and conducting groundbreaking research to develop new cures. 

If your company is seeking to invest in a charitable cause with a wide reach, lasting impact and high visibility, Wake Forest Baptist Health is an ideal partner. Philanthropic support of our mission can be extended in a number of areas, including:

  • Unrestricted support for the most pressing needs in patient care
  • Clinical or research program development
  • Capital needs, including physical spaces and equipment
  • Endowments for our academic faculty
  • Scholarships for our medical students
  • Fellowships and other training opportunities for medical team
  • Cause marketing partnerships
  • Sponsorships of highly visible special events

We will work with you to identify ways your company can best leverage its charitable giving resources through a relationship with Wake Forest Baptist.