Philanthropic Efforts Bring New Surgical Technology to Lexington

Claudiu Cimpean MD LMC- Engage Winter 2022Donors from the community and leaders of Lexington Medical Center (LMC) again have collaborated to bring the latest medical advancement to their community, in the form of the da Vinci robotic surgery technology.

The robotic system allows surgeons to use minimally invasive techniques to perform a variety of procedures in adults and children, including general, cardiothoracic, urological and many other surgeries. For patients, the technology will mean more state-of-the-art care can be provided closer to home, with smaller incisions, less pain and quicker recovery times.

Proceeds from the annual Sportsman’s Saturday fundraising event in October 2021 were combined with a $500,000 donation from the Lexington Medical Center Foundation to help acquire the technology. The event was held as a livestream this year for the first time.

“It’s amazing we were able to secure something like this in a small community setting,” said urologist Alex Caillat, MD. “We’re extremely lucky to have this kind of cutting-edge technology in Lexington.”

The da Vinci represents the next step in surgical technology, beyond traditional open surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

“Laparoscopy is like operating with chop sticks,” Caillat explained. “With the da Vinci, you have endo-wrist technology that allows us to miniaturize our hands to the size of a fingernail inside the body. It allows you to do complex maneuvers in small places.”

LMC President Bill James called the addition a “huge advancement for Lexington Medical Center and the entire area.” He said this latest technology augments the resources that are already in place at LMC.

“Our community’s generosity has made a difference for years and years, most recently with our large capital campaign for our surgical facility expansion,” James said. “Now donations from the community are helping to provide state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical technology.”