‘Winston-Salem From A to Z’

After seven years, the Friends of Brenner Children’s have concluded a long-running and successful fundraising effort based on a children’s book.

The book Winston-Salem From A to Z was written by local student Paige McDowell and features colorful illustrations created by patients at Brenner Children’s. A rhyming story accompanies the illustrations.

It is about the city of Winston-Salem, with each letter of the alphabet representing a different historical figure, place or prominent historical aspect of the city. It was published in 2012 by Brenner Children’s in partnership with the Books by Kids Foundation.

The Friends of Brenner Children’s worked with local stores, such as Mast General Store and Rolly’s Baby Boutique and businesses such as Berkshire Hathaway, to sell copies of the book, and all proceeds of the sales benefited Brenner Children’s. In all, the book and the Friends’ efforts to promote it raised more than $26,000. 

Cover of book 'Winston-Salem A to Z' with bright colors and letters in primary colors