The Wake Forest PA Program has a unique history of innovation in medical education. We remain one of the few programs in the country with an educational experience that is focused on adult and applied learning principles. Our patient-centered approach immerses students in real-life cases and fosters their clinical problem-solving abilities.

Our students come from right here in North Carolina, as well as across the nation, and comprise a variety of life experiences, cultural backgrounds, academic studies, work history, volunteer exposures and leadership roles. 

Gifts from our alumni support our dedication to preparing PAs for practice across the entire spectrum of medical care, in every community, across the United States and around the globe.

PA Annual Fund

One of the PA Program’s proudest achievements is training exceptional PAs like you, who deliver the highest quality of care to their patients and serve as leaders in their home communities and across our national medical community.

Generous gifts from our alumni to the PA Annual Fund provide resources for the program to continue to offer the finest educational opportunities available and train future generations of PAs. Your gift will offer much-needed financial assistance for our efforts to recruit and retain the best and brightest students and provide funding for the incorporation of new technologies into our curriculum.

PA Scholarship

PA alumni create a legacy at their medical school while simultaneously "paying it forward" with an endowed scholarship.

Robert Wooten, PA-C '81 - Wake Forest School of Medicine PA Program


Special Lives Inspire Memorial Scholarships

Two women in flight suits sit in the AirCare helicopter behind a gurney

Nancy Texares (right, then Nancy Tippett Eubanks) and Donna Eaton became good friends before Eaton died in a 1994 AirCare helicopter crash.

An African American woman wearing a plum-colored blouse with a ruffled collar smiles at the camera

Working in a physician's office inspired Catherine E. Staplefoote, PA-C '07, to become a PA.

Donna Lynn Eaton, RN, and Catherine E. Staplefoote, PA-C '07, may never have met one another but their lives have more than a few things in common. Both worked in health care and both inspired others to give after their lives ended much too soon. Read more.