Cancer treatment is a very stressful time and severe illness can bring up many topics and issues for both the patient and their loved ones. The Cancer Patient Support Program offers individual counseling; support groups and social work support that can help patients explore their feelings, find like-minded support and manage the daily activities that seem so overwhelming during a difficult time.

Recognizing the unique need for a patient and family support program, the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center provides different programs to enhance the quality of life for patients and family members while they navigate the complexities of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Each year, your gift to SummerLark helps ensure that key services and support are available to our friends, family and neighbors who are fighting cancer. Here are some examples of how your gift can make a difference:

$25 - Vouchers for patient and caregivers meals
- Transportation to and from medical appointments
- Art and Music entertainment kits
$50 - One-night stay at SECU House Assistance with prescription and OTC medication
- One-hour of therapeutic music in the Cancer Center
$100 - Gift card for direct patient aid Tai Chi or Chair Yoga session
- Waiting room chair massage
$250 - Individual or Family Counseling Session
- Refreshments for onsite support group
- Stock for the Hospitality Suites for one week
$500 - CDs, books and materials for patients and families
- One month of healing drum circles in the Cancer Center
$1,000 - One year of quilting supplies for the Care Quilting Program
$2,000 - More Hope, Compassion and Caring than you could ever imagine!