Sports Concussion Study Earns Extended Funding

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University have received a two-year grant worth approximately $510,000 to support their continued participation in the largest-ever study of sports-related concussion.

The NCAA-Department of Defense Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium study is designed to examine the incidence and effects of concussion and repetitive head-impact exposure among student-athletes of both sexes at colleges and universities in all NCAA divisions. Wake Forest and Winston-Salem State are among the 30 NCAA members participating in the study.

Since the summer of 2016 Wake Forest Baptist personnel have directed comprehensive baseline screening for concussion on all athletes (including cheerleaders) at Wake Forest and Winston-Salem State and conducted follow-up evaluations on all those who have suffered concussions.

The researchers are now also collecting saliva samples from the athletes for DNA analysis to determine if there are any differences between the DNA of those who have suffered concussion and those who have not.

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