Aging well isn’t just an art, it’s a science. Age and the rate of individual aging remain the strongest risk factors for many conditions and diseases that result in older adults losing their independence. Wake Forest University School of Medicine has one of the nation’s oldest National Institute on Aging-funded centers, the Claude D. Pepper Older American Independence Center. We are at the forefront on healthy aging and mobility research, leading many large scale, multi-center studies focused on lifestyle interventions, like exercise and diet, in order to preserve mobility and function in older adults. As one of nation’s only aging centers that is fully integrated with an Alzheimer’s research center, we know how vital healthy aging is to supporting healthy brain aging. 

Geroscience is a growing and promising area of aging research that explores how human biology can be optimized over an individual’s lifetime for the healthiest outcomes. By studying the biological factors that drive aging, our researchers are now looking for new ways to slow the actual aging process and delay or prevent the emergence of many age-related health conditions and diseases. With further investment, this is a game changing opportunity to rethink healthy aging, disease treatment and prevention